I wanted to thank you - very much - for the absolutely wonderful work you did on my piano. The new tuning using the Well Temperament is, as you’d said, a revelation. I don’t think my piano has ever sounded so good, so warm, or it’s tone so richly resonant. Somehow this seems to make my playing better, or at least sound better. My husband, who comes from an entirely non-musical family, said that he could tell that something was far different and more beautiful in the sound the piano can make.

It’s been a joy to play and I wanted to let you know. Thank you again.
— S.R.

Just a quick note with a HUGE thank you to say that the Mason & Hamlin piano sounded wonderful this past Sunday. The recital was the first program on the piano since your major work on it this past summer, and I thought the piano sounded great! Thanks again.
— D.L

The piano sounds and feels wonderful - It now has the sound that I am used to hearing when I play a fine piano. Thanks for all you have done.

Various people who play the piano [at the church] are telling me that they think we got it right this time. It does have that wonderful vibrant sound that I have heard so many times in concerts and at recitals. And the touch...

When I play the piano now I hear that almost mysterious sound that seems like it is coming from everywhere except the piano itself. I don’t know what this is called, but I know that I have experienced it before, but not often. The sound had a levitating effect on me.

Anyway, enough of this foolishness, you have the piano “singing” as you said you would. Thanks so much.
— S.C.

The pianist in the piano quartet concert at our house is one of the most musical pianists I know. She has a fantastic technique and a great ear! Of course she plays a lot of pianos and would know quality. Of course, after your tuning, I sat down to see how it sounded. I was very impressed with what you did and I wasn’t worried about the quality I was delivering to the Piano Quartet on Sunday. Well, she agreed, wholeheartedly. She was impressed and pleased with the action and the sound. The (presence of the) audience dampened the brightness so that it was a FANTASTIC concert. Thank you very much and don’t hesitate to use me as a reference. You’re the only one for this piano! Please help me maintain its quality because we will have more house concerts.
— J.J.

After practicing yesterday and today with the new Prinz temperament I have to say I am never going back to Equal Temperament on an instrument of mine again. I had really never gotten to experience the difference it makes on a piano— just harpsichord—and I am already getting so I can’t stand the sound of the other anymore.
— R.R.

Wow!!! I am truly enjoying the Handel Well Temperament. I tried the Moonlight Sonata after you left and felt like I was playing it for the first time—it no longer sounded like that tired old cliche. Thanks!
— M.C.

Had a chance to play the piano when I returned from my lesson - you’ve taken it to a whole new level. The voicing is rich and even - it sounds fine with the lid up now. And thanks for your persistence in finding the “ringing” tones. In two visits you’ve not only rescued the piano from what seemed like a downward spiral, but you have it sounding better than I’ve heard it in the 14 years we’ve owned it.
— B.D.

Whatever you did to it last time was so beautiful. I want you to do that again. It really sounds glorious.
— M.G.

I caught little inner glimpses of you the Saturday we were with you that surprised and impressed me: you were also an actor; your ability and knowledge of classical piano, although I suspect like most of us, your taste in music did not end there; and of course your ability as a piano technician. I trust your friends appreciate what richness lies behind your quiet exterior. Merry Christmas.
— D.O.

Just a note to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my poor old piano— it has never sounded so good, and I am truly amazed. In time, I hope I can have more work done, but meanwhile I will enjoy the mellow new tone. Thanks again.
— K.H.

Your tuning, regulation and voicing of my piano bring joy each day. What artistry! Thanks again. Best Regards.
— Dr. D.S.

Nice job on the instruments today; you’re a genius of voicing. They are both a joy to play now. I have been really dreading both pianos for the last month or so, and you’ve made them a pleasure once again
— B.B. Music Director

I’m TRULY thrilled about how my piano sounds after yesterday. Thanks for making it sound better than ever. It’s a pretty nice instrument, but you make it GREAT!
— J.J.

I wanted to let you know that I have moved to Atlanta several years ago. I’ve not yet found a tuner here who I’ve really liked and does as well as you did with my piano. By far, you are the best tune who has ever worked on my piano. Take Care.
— D.S.

The piano sounds awesome. Thanks, Carl. I’m lovin’ it.
— M.G.

The piano sounds tantastically marvelously harmoniously stupendous. Buckets of merci~
— B.W.

I’m supposed to be reading, but I can’t seem to keep my hands off the keys! Thanks for making our piano sound so happy! It’s settled into the new temperament quite nicely and your new “making it sing” technique—keep that up!
— G.S.

Had some time last evening to sit down and play — what a difference! Thanks for your great work on keeping our pianos in shape.
— BD
Thanks for your work today. The pianos sound great!
— D.L., Director of Music